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DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) 
provides meteorological services, including weather monitoring, forecasting and warnings on land and at sea. DMI’s many activities also act as background knowledge in terms of planning and decision-making in economic and environment sectors - especially within transport and industry businesses.


DMI is motivated to help the EROSION consortium to define the erosion classes at selected wind farms using their precipitation network data and dual polarization radar developing near-real-time precipitation warning service for business (wind energy). DMI wishes to expand their expertise from rainfall amount and intensity to rain drop sizes distribution. This novel data from EROSION will support DMI’s research in future climate. With the increasing heavy precipitation events of the last years, and their catastrophic consequences for society, DMI focuses on heavy rain. DMI adds high value to EROSION based on dual-polarization radar (infrastructure) for forecasting rain events for wind farms. Moreover, DMI expects to improve their physical understanding of radar data by comparing to new data from the network of disdrometers in EROSION.