Project EROSION 

Wind Turbine
Blade Erosion 

- Reducing the largest uncertainties.

The objective of EROSION is to enable longer lifetime of wind turbine blades at multi-MW machines.

The project will investigate leading edge erosion at wind turbine blades using rain erosion tester for selected blades and different rain input. Furthermore the rain in real atmosphere will be investigated from ground-based instruments (disdrometers), modelling of rain based on rain radar data for new understanding of rain erosion climatology at relevant sites.

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Work packages

The project is organized with four scientific and technical work packages, plus one for project management and another for dissemination and exploitation activities, all working together to find a solution for blade erosion due to precipitation.

WP1. Precipitation erosion classes
WP2. Lab testing and modeling
WP3. Warning in situ and forecasting
WP4. Control and lifetime
WP5. Dissemination & Exploitation
WP6. Project management

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Funding by


Innovation Fund Denmark

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20 JUNE 2024