WP6. Project management

The aim of the project management is to ensure efficient administration of the project at scientific, financial and administrative level includes risk management and contingency planning.

The Project Leader (PL) has overall responsibility for the work. The PL gets help from all partners. The PL manages the activities, meetings and reviews the reports. The PL is the intermediary between the partners and Innovation Fund Denmark.

The core management bodies are the Steering Committee (SC) consisting of one representative from each partner, the Technical Committee (TC) consisting of the work package leaders and co-leaders and the Advisory Board (AB) consisting of external experts.

The PL will manage risks and activate contingency plans in accordance with the project plan. These actions will take place proactively. The mid-term evaluation of the project will support this task.

The specific tasks are

  • T6.1: Project management and coordination
  • T6.2: Administration and reporting
  • T6.3: Risk management and contingency planning

Steering Committee

The appointed chair of the Steering Committee is Prof. Bent F. Sørensen (DTU)
Vice-chair is Leader of Blade Group Kaj M. Halling (Vestas)

Members are;

  • Blade Specialist Birgit Junker (RWE Renewables)
  • Head of Section Ole Krarup Leth (DMI)
  • Project Director Peder Lund Rasmussen (R&D)
  • Senior Blade Engineer Morten Saldern (Vattenfall)

Project Leader
Appointed Project Leader is Senior Scientist Charlotte Hasager (DTU).

Technical Committee members

  • Charlotte Hasager (Professor, DTU)
  • Ásta Hannesdóttir (Researcher, DTU)
  • Flemming Vejen (Senior Consultant, DMI)
  • Martin Bonde Madsen (Technology Manager, R&D)
  • Mertcan Bayar (Blade Engineer, RWE Renewables)
  • Jakob Ilsted Bech (Senior Development Engineer, DTU)
  • Nicolai Frost-Jensen (PostDoc, DTU)

Advisory Board members

  • Danish Wind Industry Association
  • DNV-GL
  • EMD International
  • FORCE technology
  • Global Wind Service
  • LM Wind Power
  • ORE Catapult
  • PolyTech A/S
  • Siemens Wind Power
  • Skagen Blade Technology
  • SSP Technology
  • Ørsted A/S

29 JANUARY 2022