Photo showing the people attending the workshop

Successful workshop on Main Factors for Leading Edge Erosion

Tuesday 27 Feb 18


Charlotte Bay Hasager
DTU Wind
+45 46 77 50 14
The workshop was successful with 70 participants.

The workshop "Main Factors for Leading Edge Erosion" successfully had 70 participants, a mix of colleagues from industry and research. The event was organized by and presented at DTU Wind Energy.

Leading edge erosion protection is one of the most significant factors for driving down OPEX. Rain, hail, ice, UV, water absorption and other weather conditions erode the leading edge on the turbine blade. This affects the aerodynamic of the blade and could cause severe damages.  This seminar includes 9 talks about this issue, followed by a workshop session to discuss the most significant factors for the leading edge erosion. 

Link to workshop presentations.
25 JUNE 2022