DURALEDGE article in Ingeniøren

Wednesday 31 Oct 18


Jakob Ilsted Bech
Senior development engineer
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 57 87
On October 26th, the weekly Danish tech-magazine Ingeniøren published an article about the DURALDGE project

Jakob Ilsted Bech, Senior Development Engineer at DTU Wind Energy, has been interviewed to Ingeniøren about erosion at wind turbine blades 26th October 2018 and has furthermore published an article about the erosion safe mode method https://www.wind-energ-sci.net/3/729/2018/. This is a novel method to reduce erosion and extend the life time of wind turbine blades. 

Following the article in Ingeniøren, Jakob Ilsted Bech was also interviewed by the Danish local radio channel DR P4 Radio Midt og Vest.

22 APRIL 2021