Rain erosion test samples with different degradation investigated by electron microscopy.

Microscopy investigations enable direct identifications of fractures

Monday 12 Feb 18


Søren Fæster
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 57 62

Senior Scientist Søren Fæster has novel results.

Rain erosion test samples with different degradation have been investigated by electron microscopy. 

The erosion appears to start at the surface where the surface roughness increase. However at the same time as the top-coating and the filler slowly degrades microscale damage can be observed within the laminate. Cracks have been observed at the position of the peel fly as well as within the laminate. Electron microscopy can provide a snapshot of the degradation in a polished cross section. In order to pinpoint where the erosion starts and how it develops it is planned to follow the degradation non-destructively in three dimensions. This will be carried out by applying stepwise X-ray tomography and ultra sound scanning during a rain erosion test.

22 APRIL 2021