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has more than 93% of the energy produced in Scandinavia from renewables. E.ON owns 7.5 GW of installed wind power capacity covering both onshore and offshore. The wind farms have a wide range of wind turbine types and are located under many different environmental conditions both in Europe and North America. E.ON from their experience has noted that humid weather causes more problematic leading edge blade erosion than dryer weather.

E.ON’s interest in blade erosion is to reduce O&M costs. The blade erosion is a very serious problem and fast solutions are much in need according to E.ON. E.ON therefore joins EROSION to collectively find novel solutions. E.ON is highly motivated to share necessary information from relevant wind farms, to engage in analysis, planning of activities in the project and provide physical access to turbines for rain drop size measurements. E.ON will compile erosion data at selected wind farms and wind turbines in diverse climates to give basis for the erosion class definitions. E.ON will involve in the testing of erosion safe mode control and together with other developers formulate the business potential of the EROSION innovation results and values.

12 DECEMBER 2019